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    Zero to Targeted Marketing: Reaching the Right People at the Right Time (Blogging book Book 9)

    By Sarah Arrow

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    Is your marketing working out as you planned? Maybe you didn't plan at all...


    Do you remember the marketing fundamentals and how to apply them to your business?

    Are you determined that 2015 will be your year for great customers, great income and all round great results?
    If you are we can help!

    Zero to Targeted Marketing assumes nothing and shows you the marketing basics:

    • How to profile your customer (tip it's not just demographics that you need to know)
    • How to research your market place online and offline
    • How to create your ideal customer profiles 
    • How to keep track of your changing market place 
    • How to reach your target marketplace

    Zero to Targeted Marketing has been called a road map to the right customers for your business.

    Download your copy now 

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