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    Zero Moment: The Joshua Files 3

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    Zero Moment: The Joshua Files 3

    By M. G. Harris

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    After Ice Shock, Josh Garcia has an ancient device that once belonged to a legendary Maya deity. Has he discovered the key to time travel? Should he use it to jump back in time and save his father?

    His girlfriend, Ixchel, knows what he intends to do. Should she stop him? Before they can decide, Ixchel is kidnapped by a rival secret society, a cabal who intend to make certain that a prophecy predicting the end of the world comes true.

    It's up to Josh to save Ixchel. But no rescue ever goes as planned. Events take Josh from Brazil to Mexico and Switzerland as he tries to return history to the ‘zero moment’ – when it seemed that his life all began to go wrong.

    Time is running out in this exhilarating third part of the best-selling Joshua Files by M.G Harris, which has been translated into 17 languages.

    Praise for The Joshua Filesseries:

    “A very well crafted saga . . . these files are well worth diving into.” The Bookbag

    "As thrilling as a rollercoaster ride, this fantastical world of spies, spirits, ancient prophecies and hidden cities tests Josh to his limits and he comes to understand the conflicting demands of friendship, family, loyalty and duty." The BookTrust

    "A fast-paced, first-person thriller. Her book’s Mexico setting is richly evoked, and its historical and conspiracy elements are convincingly delineated." Financial Times

    Praise for Zero Moment:

    “Explosive and compelling, this is the third part of the bestselling Joshua Files sequence. Don’t feel it’s essential to read the first two titles to enjoy this 3rd heart-stopping adventure, as the author cleverly interweaves the story to date at the beginning of this one.” LoveReading4kids.co.uk

    “The first thing that hits you about Harris’ third instalment in this series is the electric pace. The front of the book may make it seem like another Alex Rider or Young Bond book but the Joshua Files are different, delving into the Mayan civilisation in great depth and touching on mysticism and time travel – an eclectic thematic mix that deserves to grab a wider audience.” WriteAway

    “Zero Moment really is as captivating a read as the first two books in the series, and takes The Joshua Files story to its next level. The detail that MG Harris puts into her writing continues to make the reader empathise with Josh’s confused emotions completely. She also very cleverly keeps us guessing at every moment with her plot twists – there really is no second guessing where the story is going to go next.” BookZone4Boys

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