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    X Window System: Core and Extension Protocols (Bk. 3): Core and Extension Protocols Bk. 3

    By Donna Converse

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    Written by the experts who originally designed and implemented the X Window System and with new, significant input from X Window Consortium members who have helped evolve X Version 11, Release 6, this fourth edition is a major revision of this definitive reference. Updated to conform with the latest released software: X Version 11, Release 6.1, this edition also has been redesigned for three separate books in an effort to make each more usable for its targeted audience.

    Each book is thus more focused and more use manageable: that is, by being separate volumes, a reader can now open several books simultaneously to cross reference related material. In addition, each volume provides its own comprehensive subject-oriented index that further enhances its overall value.

    The Definitive reference to X Window System, direct from the X Window Consortium at MIT.
    Updated for X Windows Version 11, Release 6.1.
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