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    Working With Unix Processes

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    Working With Unix Processes

    By Jesse Storimer

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    A crash course in Unix programming for the uninitiated. Working With Unix Processes (WWUP for short) is a look at programming with the building blocks of a Unix system, something that's been done for decades. WWUP is the only book addressing Unix programming specifically for the modern web developer.

    Learn the semantics of powerful concepts like forking, signals, file descriptors, daemon processes, and more.

    With the included appendices you'll learn how popular Ruby projects are using these concepts to drive thousands of applications. These take the concepts presented and put them in a real-world context.

    There are lots of great resources available on this topic for free on the web, so why does this book exist? This book is a short, to-the-point introduction written specifically for the modern web developer. All of the examples in the book are written in Ruby, no C programming required. Even though it's Ruby, anyone with experience in a high-level language should feel right at home.
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