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    Windows Desktop App Creation with node-webkit

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    Windows Desktop App Creation with node-webkit

    By Jonathan Dodd

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    Windows Desktop App Creation with node-webkit is an introduction to Node-webkit. This powerful Open Source development environment combines Node.js and Google's Chromium technologies. This step-by-step guide to creating standalone desktop programs for Windosw OS computers includes detailed set-up and installation instructions and is packed with useful code you can directly use in your own applications. Node-webkit allows you to write desktop apps like Web pages, with full HTML5 , CSS3 and Javascript. At the same time the built-in Node engine gives you access to literally thousands of node-modules which provide solutions to almost any programming challenge you can conceive. While node-webkit is available for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop systems, and the programming techniques covered apply to all three platforms, this guide's focus is on using Window's native GUI components like the system Clipboard, Tray, Menus, file dialogs and drag-and-drop file usage. This eBook serves both as a beginning tutorial and comprehensive reference for Node-webkit. With it you should be writing programs on your Windows computer within hours and with no software costs, restrictions or royalties,
    even if you produce games or other commercial programs. The eBook's subtitle is "From idea to .exe, without Geek-speak or Techno-jargon." With it, your only limitations are your ideas, themselves.
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