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    What Every Engineer Should Know About Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

    By Joanna F. DeFranco

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    Most organizations place a high priority on keeping data secure, but not every organization invests in training its engineers or employees in understanding the security risks involved when using or developing technology. Designed for the non-security professional, What Every Engineer Should Know About Cyber Security and Digital Forensics is an overview of the field of cyber security.

    Exploring the cyber security topics that every engineer should understand, the book discusses:

    • Network security

    • Personal data security

    • Cloud computing

    • Mobile computing

    • Preparing for an incident

    • Incident response

    • Evidence handling

    • Internet usage

    • Law and compliance

    • Security and forensic certifications

    Application of the concepts is demonstrated through short case studies of real-world incidents chronologically delineating related events. The book also discusses certifications and reference manuals in the area of cyber security and digital forensics.

    By mastering the principles in this volume, engineering professionals will not only better understand how to mitigate the risk of security incidents and keep their data secure, but also understand how to break into this expanding profession.

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