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    The Witching Stone

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    The Witching Stone

    By Georgia Paton

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    “Let’s see if I’ve got this right. You want us to rescue our cousin from an impenetrable fortress, find the Heart of Midlothian, although you’ve no idea what it is, and cast it into a live volcano that’s completely surrounded by demonic creatures?”

    Sean, Drew and Rossi weren’t quite sure what to expect when they travelled from Australia to Scotland for the summer. But from the moment they entered the mysterious ‘Buckie House’ and met their secretive cousin Ruairidh,the three siblings knew it would be no ordinary holiday.

    After setting out to explore the nearby standing stones of Scabinory, the four children accidentally stumble through a portal to an ancient and magical land where the mythical creatures of Scottish history are made real. What begins as a terrifying journey back soon becomes a quest to restore the rightful king to his throne, save the dying faerie world, and forge a legend to match the greatest tales of Scottish

    Can the young heroes uncover the secret of the Witching Stone and save Alba before it’s too late?

    The Witching Stone was shortlisted for UKA Opening Stories and the Kelpie Prize.
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