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    The Secret of the Lighthouse (Treasure Sleuths, Book 1)

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    The Secret of the Lighthouse (Treasure Sleuths, Book 1)

    By Paul Belzoni

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    Some secrets are meant to be uncovered...

    When Abi Hart leaves the USA to visit her grandfather's lighthouse on England's South Devon coast, she has no idea to the real reason her grandfather wanted her to make the trip. Ready to spend a few quiet days and enjoy the old world charms of the small fishing village Abi meets a stranger who claims to know of a treasure hidden at the lighthouse. Abi's imagination is soon captured by the romance of ancient artifacts and lost hoards.

    But as the friendship builds between them it seems this modern day treasure hunter knows his way around the lighthouse all too well and has a secret of his own. Does he really want to help Abi and her grandpa or is he after his own fortune?

    Then Abi is handed a key that will unlock a concealed door where she discovers there is more to her grandfather's holiday home than meets the eye. Beneath the lighthouse of Hope Cove lies a treasure he kept secret from the family for many years.

    Until now...

    Escape into a world of adventure and mystery with the Treasure Sleuths as they pursue Great Britain's ancient artifacts and lost hoards. Set in the small English seaside village of Hope Cove, 'The Secret of the Lighthouse' is the first book in the Treasure Sleuths series, although it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story in its own right. Based on real treasure and events that took place in Devon, UK, this is a work of fiction, except for the parts that aren't...

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    Receive a FREE secret HART (Historical Artifact Recovery Team) treasure report at: treasuresleuths.com/free
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