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    The Revelation of a Star’s Endless Shine: A Young Woman’s…

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    The Revelation of a Star’s Endless Shine: A Young Woman’s Autobiography of 20-Year Victories over Victimization

    By Shirley Cheng

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    A Star’s Endless Shine Leaves No Darkness Untouched

    Suffering from a disability of unhappiness? Want to live positively and passionately and live a life with happiness rather than accepting mediocrity?

    The Revelation of a Star's Endless Shine will empower, inspire, and motivate you as it unveils the gripping true life story of child prodigy Shirley Cheng—a blind and physically disabled victim and survivor of severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis but more so of falsehoods in American medical system.

    From mother Juliet Cheng's victory over injustice in her 1990 internationally reported custody case with a doctor over treatment disputes, to the elation of Shirley's various academic and personal achievements, this autobiography will empower readers with life's true values and meanings.

    "Shirley is more than a survivor, Shirley is a force of empowerment. You'll learn how this juvenile with little formal education could score an exceptional 3280 on her GED test while doing all the math, calculations, chemistry, graphs and essays in her head without the use of Braille!" wrote New York Times Best Seller Cynthia Brian in the foreword.

    "...a work of art. Shirley Cheng's writing is absolutely flawless and her ability to bring her reader into the heart of not only herself but also her mother through her words is truly amazing and magical…" -WomensSelfEsteem.com

    “How can we not be in awe of her? She suffered through the pain and disability of severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and subsequent blindness. She suffered through a senseless custody fight at the hands of meddling social services personnel. She suffered through inconsistent medical care. She remained fearless and positive through it all, going on to maintain a 3.9 grade point average in high school; unable to complete all of her high school courses, she subsequently passed her GED test with an exceptionally high score. Shirley and her tirelessly compassionate mother Juliet Cheng have been miracle workers, and one cannot help but think that has been their calling.” -Malcolm R. Campbell, Campbell Editorial Services

    “A disturbing, and enlightening read. Authentic, honest, and profound. Will change reader's outlook." -Christina Francine, Midwest Book Review

    “…truly lives up to its title.” -Rebecca Henderson, Allbooks Reviews

    Please note that the Kindle edition of this title does not contain interior images besides the cover.

    Dr. Shirley Cheng (b. 1983), a blind and physically disabled award-winning author with 27 book awards, founder of Ultra-Ability.com Ministry, Bible teacher, Gospel proclaimer, motivational speaker, poet, author and contributor to 35 books, has had severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since infancy. Owing to years of hospitalization, she received no education until age 11. However, she mastered grade level in all areas after about 180 days of special education in elementary school and entered regular sixth grade in middle school. After a successful eye surgery, Shirley hopes to earn multiple science doctorates from Harvard University. ShirleyCheng.com
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