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    The Enemy Within: A Serial Killer Thriller (Joseph Medical Mysteries)

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    The Enemy Within: A Serial Killer Thriller (Joseph Medical Mysteries)

    By Danielle Singleton

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    Joseph is back. Last time, the killings were for respect. This time they're for fun.

    When a deadly flesh-eating bacteria attacks a small town in Pennsylvania, the FBI assigns its top field agent to the case. Reagan White is a seasoned veteran, but the gruesome nature of this outbreak makes her cringe. Also making her cringe is her new partner, Allen Williams, a preptastic agent sent over from the counterterrorism unit. But when the bacteria spreads from one city to seven, whispers of terrorism rise and Reagan starts to think that America's most deadly serial killer may be back on the hunt.

    This medical thriller is Part 2 in the "Joseph Murder Mysteries" series.
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