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    By Tasia Winters

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    This very intense story is over 200,000 words long. It is written from the perspective of a very submissive women who understand the power that comes from submission. If you are a person who perceives a submissive person as a weak person, or if you think that Bondage equals abuse, this work is not for you.

    Tasia has a small problem.

    For the past several months, she has been visiting with Master Victor, an enigmatic Billionaire who, slowly but certainly, has been teaching her the harsher sides of BDSM. Through submission, Tasia had learned just how strong she is- and just how far she can go.

    She has learned she is stronger than any pain, than any fear.

    Now, however, Master Victor wants her to take the next step- moving in with him. He trains women like her, engaging them in a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle- a lifestyle than many cannot handle. It would be a permanent change, a change that will expose her to far more of this world than she had ever dreamed.

    But it's not the moving that truly bothers her- nor is it the leaving of her job. It's the way Master Victor looks at her, the way he seems to delight in her body, her voice, and the shape of her face.

    Is it possible that he wants more from her than the other women he has trained? Is there a chance that she could have a happily ever after with this intense man?

    What will it take to find out?
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