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    Reflexive Fire (A Deckard Novel Book 1)

    By Jack Murphy

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    An assassin who is in over his head.
    A cabal that wants him to lead a secret army.
    A conspiracy decades in the making.

    A military thriller from New York Times best selling author and Special Operations veteran, Jack Murphy.

    "The hero is everything you could hope for in an
    action-adventure--intelligent, charismatic, honorable, a combat veteran
    from an elite unit, and just slopping over with badassity."
    -Hank Brown, author of Hell and Gone.

    a freelance assassin, Deckard is no stranger to the shadow world of
    covert operations, but when he is summoned to Bohemian Grove and hired
    to train and lead a battalion of Kazakh mercenaries, he soon discovers
    his employer's real agenda: a doomsday plot decades in the making.

    Now, free humanity's only chance for survival rests with
    Deckard's renegade Private Military Company. From Afghanistan, to Burma,
    and beyond, the clock is ticking down to global extinction.

    "A military novel, written by a true expert on the subject, just takes
    the story to another, higher level, compared to books made up by
    "civilian" authors with vivid imaginations."
    -Frank Jones, 15-year military veteran and private security contractor.

    "With Jack Murphy, you know he's been there and done that, so you wonder
    where the line is between the made up stuff and where he's drawing upon
    his real-life experiences."
    -Dan Eldredge

    I wrote this book
    for those of you who are ready for this genre to go to the next level,
    beyond superficial political messages and stereotypical terrorists
    wearing turbans on their heads, I hope this book connects with a
    different breed of reader and action-adventure fan. -Jack Murphy, author
    and Special Forces veteran.
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