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    Graveyards of the Banks – I did it for the money: Seven Seasons of Midnights at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe

    By Nyla Nox

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    ‘The Big Short’ from the perspective of a woman.
    A jobless humanities graduate who is forced to work as a zero hours temp on the night shift at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe. Desperate to make her rent serving the Big Short Bankers. Their constant shouting resembles gunfire.
    To them, Nyla is a loser, and she deserves to be treated like a slave.
    Nyla could be you.
    This is the reality of life for the 99%. But what most of them don’t see is how the system works up close, from the inside out. I do. I did it for the money. But now I tell the tale.
    More shocking than the Big Short.
    This is our story, not theirs.
    To the Bank, I was less than the many mice and lice that lived inside their unsavoury walls. But ironically, I know all their secrets.
    Mix up ‘Fear and Trembling’ by Amelie Nothomb, ‘The Trial’ by Franz Kafka and any book by Michael Lewis and you get 'Graveyards of the Banks'.
    Open the pages of this book and meet Nyla Nox – the woman right next to you, the woman who lives in a dark, secret world with no escape.

    "The atmosphere, brilliantly brought to life, is one that almost any temp worker in any one of today’s metropolises knows. The zero hours contracts, the threat of being not asked to come back constantly hanging over you, the never knowing if you’ll still have the job and the rent paid the following month...
    This story is a hugely apt and relevant tale for us right now"
    Noel Maurice, indielit
    “ Wow. This was an amazing, moving book. … You know how a show like The Office perfectly captured everyone you work with in an office setting? This book does that with the financial world, while at the same time making you feel like you’re walking through this financial hell with Dante.”
    Aaron Hoos, Financial Fiction Reviews
    “..Quite a few interviewees have described investment banks as abusive environments. But they seem to consider this an outcome, not an act of design. Nyla Nox thinks it's deliberate. [Her story] struck me as perhaps extreme, but reading her experiences perhaps she did see the beast in the eye.”
    Joris Luyendijk, The Guardian.
    “… Graveyards of the Banks is somewhat reminiscent of Kafka’s ‘The Castle’ The Castle, in its descriptions of labyrinthine hierarchy and bureaucracy. … reminiscent in some ways of fascism, a brand of fascism without swastikas and SS uniforms. Nyla Nox also compares bank work conditions to Mordor, the land of evil in Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’.”
    ‘Dear Kitty’ social justice blog.
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