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    Apocalypse Moon: The Joshua Files 5

    By M. G. Harris

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    This is how the world will end: on 22 December, an electromagnetic pulse will blast through the atmosphere. Technology will fail. Civilization will fall apart.

    The key to survival lies in a lost Mayan book, the Ix Codex, protected by sixteen-year old Josh Garcia and fellow members of a secret society. It contains a plan to harness ancient technology - the legacy of the Erinsi, the last advanced civilisation to be destroyed by the cosmic phenomenon.

    But Josh's friends in the 'invisible city' of Ek Naab are running out of time to master the ancient technology essential to the plan.

    So Josh decides to risk his own life on a daring mission - a leap forward in time to discover the truth. He's jumped ahead far enough to glimpse a post-apocalyptic world in collapse - and to realize that it could be his destiny to stay.

    The final book in M.G. Harris's best-selling Joshua Files series, in which all secrets are finally revealed.

    Praise for The Joshua Files series:

    "A very well-crafted saga. Josh, his girl and his temperament, dovetail into a much broader picture of saving the world that has a compelling energy." The Bookbag

    "A fast-paced, first-person thriller. Her book's Mexico setting is richly evoked, and its historical and conspiracy elements are convincingly delineated." Financial Times

    "As thrilling as a rollercoaster ride, this fantastical world of spies, spirits, ancient prophecies and hidden cities tests Josh to his limits and he comes to understand the conflicting demands of friendship, family, loyalty and duty." The BookTrust

    Praise for Apocalypse Moon:

    "I loved it. It is the perfect ending to a series that I was enjoying long before I started The Book Zone. I would be absolutely amazed if there is a single Joshua Files fan out there who ends up feeling disappointed on finishing this book. I am a little sad that we have come to the end of Josh's story, but also elated that it ends with such a great final instalment." BookZone4Boys

    "This book is about the apocalyptic surge that Joshua goes forward in time to see and then has to prevent, using clues from the four books. Joshua is by far the best character and I like him as he is very mysterious, talented and brave because of his Dad dying, his long-lost sister being killed, and the long, hard journey to get the IX Codex. This series is awesome and I have really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this to anybody. 5/5 stars!!!" Guardian Children's Books

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