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    Windows 10 Manual and Windows 10 User Guide (Windows 10…

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    Windows 10 Manual and Windows 10 User Guide (Windows 10 Guide for Beginners)

    By B Chi Publishing

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    Know why I created this user guide and manual for Windows 10?

    BECAUSE I got sick and tired of all these piece of crap "guides" on Amazon.

    I wanted a reliable user guide and manual that I could use myself. I wanted a handy reference that I could count on when I needed help.

    I know what it feels like to be scammed, so I VOWED that I would NEVER do that to anyone, and I would do what's in my power to help others from being scammed.

    So, if you're looking for an informative and helpful user guide and manual for Windows 10 that stays true to it's promise (like I desperately was), then this is the right guide for you. Don't take my word for it. Read the reviews.

    5 OUT OF 5 STARS:
    "This book has been put together beautifully and it has by far exceeded my expectations. It explains every aspect of Windows 10 in elegant detail in a way which even my grandmother could understand. It has character and humour and is far from a boring read like other computer books. For those more advanced users, the book is structured in such a way so you can dip into the different sections to learn more about specific things. I also discovered a few cool things about Windows 10 that I would never have otherwise known. This book is fully deserving of 5 stars and I recommend this book as your number 1 choice." -- William

    5 OUT OF 5 STARS:
    "This is a really thorough book/manual/also intro on Windows 10, I’ve come across. Because the author has taken time to make an effort to write the explanations in a clear and brief manner, and yet also include the most crucial details. There are some options and features that can be changed for user preferences, but those changes may cause errors. The author does not hide these things and warns outright about them.

    Compared to some other books on Windows 10; some are over-detailed and some are too basic, this one on the other hand is quite balanced. Most of the time, for new programs, I look into the ‘for Dummies’ books. I have one on AutoCAD training. Dummies are comprehensive, but they are too complex for the basic reader in my opinion. There is also the kindle version of dummies, but with my past experience with those and also considering the price, I am happy to say I am more than content with this book. This is in a way also quite persuasive." -- Warner

    5 OUT OF 5 STARS:
    "How can one not give this book a five star after reading it? This is not a read and forget book, this a book which you will need to keep beside you for reference if you are using windows 10! For a $2.99 book, I think it's totally worth the money..

    Recently I upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1 and thought I know pretty much everything. But this manual has provided so many other options to look for that its crazy.

    This manual has given 99 problems to tackle - somewhat of those common errors we all get while using windows. From setting up windows (in depth details) to customizing it, from keeping computer safe to managing hardware and storage, from optimizing windows 10 performance to connecting/ syncing devices - all have been provided with much more details than expected!" -- Danny Stark

    The only way for you to know, is to try it out yourself.

    Get this book, and try it out for 7 days. If, by the 7th day, you haven't been fully convinced of the value of this guide, return this book for a FULL REFUND using the simple instructions below.


    It takes you less than 5 minutes to return this book. Here's how:

    1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.
    2. Then, from Your Content, select the Actions button next to the title you want to return, and then select 'Return for Refund'.
    3. In the small window that pops up, select 'Return for Refund'.

    Try Out this User Guide and Manual and Find Out Yourself
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