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    The Ultimate Career Guide For International Medical Graduates To Work In Canada

    By Sujan Sen

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    This book contains essential information that all International Medical Graduates (IMG) will need in order to move to Canada and continue his/her career in medicine. Whether you are intending to return to your home country to work as a medical specialist/super specialist or remaining in Canada, this book has all of the information you need.

    Within these pages, you will find a detailed summary of knowledge and information gathered from various reliable sources including doctors, who graduated outside Canada, but now successfully practicing medicine in Canada. Throughout this book you will find authentic links to invaluable information, contact details for personal mentoring, help with improving your CV and guidance for preparing for interviews.


    -Oana (from Romania) - “This is a very useful book for International Medical Graduates who would like to have their postgraduate medical training in Canada

    -Martin (from Austria)- “Full of useful information for International Medical Graduates. It will save doctors lot of time searching for relevant information on the internet.”

    -Dr Khan (from Pakistan) -“I was in fact looking for this kind of a book but never found one. I am sure it will benefit doctors not only from Asia but from all over the world.”

    -Peter (from Poland but medical graduation in Canada) - “Even the European doctors who are planning to move to Canada would find this book immensely helpful.

    -NS (GP in the UK, originally from Nepal) wrote “Visualisation is a powerful tool to obtain one’s desired objective. Dr Sen kindly guided me through the process, which no doubt helped me overcome various obstacles during my GP training for which I am grateful to him. It certainly is not a quick fix solution but if one honestly believes in it’s inherent ability to help focus one’s mind on the achievement of a set goal, no matter how much the odds are stacked against it, the technique is guaranteed to deliver its results. I shall continue using visualisation technique to help me achieve both my professional and personal objectives in future.”

    -BM (consultant in the UK, originally from India) “After using NLP techniques for the interview suggested by Dr Sen, I was successful in the first interview I appeared for and obtained my first permanent consultant post. It worked like a magic. Since then I have suggested these techniques to some of my friends and they have become successful too in achieving their goals.
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