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    The Other Us

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    The Other Us

    By Fiona Harper

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    If you could turn back time, would you choose a different life?

    Forty-something Maggie is facing some hard truths.

    Maggie’s only child has flown the nest for university. Without her daughter in the house, she’s realising her life, and her marriage to Dan, is more than a little stale.

    When she spots an announcement on Facebook about a uni reunion, she can’t help wondering what happened to Jude Hanson. Jude asked her to run away with him on graduation night – the same night Dan proposed – and Maggie wonders what her life would have been like if she’d taken Jude up on his offer.

    On the day of the reunion Maggie wakes up, but instead of being forty-six, she’s twenty-one again, on the threshold of two very different lives.

    But will she dare to make another choice?

    Perfect for fans of One Day, The Versions of Us and Miss You

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