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    The Mangrove Swamps. A Keeper’s Son.

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    The Mangrove Swamps. A Keeper’s Son.

    By Christian Allcorn

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    Bunyan Swamp is the son of a Keeper, a group of men and animals who have sworn an oath to protect the swamps and their inhabitants. But something is lurking in the shadows, an enemy so menacing that it threatens to destroy all that Bunyan holds dear.
    When Bunyan's father Mangrove, the head of the Keepers, is brutally slain by the leader of this dark and terrifying army it is up to Bunyan and his friends to save the swamps from total annihilation.
    With the swamps and their inhabitants facing certain death at the jaws of their deadliest enemy Bunyan discovers Grovesfire, a weapon which may just prevent his beloved and beautiful home from being turned into a barren and desolate wasteland.
    In a race against time Bunyan and his friends face the most perilous battle the mangrove swamps have ever seen.
    In the final battle between a brave young boy and a cunning and ancient foe who will prevail?
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