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    Obsessed: Alpha Brotherhood MC

    By Sophia Hampton

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    He was an outlaw through and through. Vice President of the Alpha Brotherhood. Tough, mean, and sexy as all hell. Lucky for me, I managed to land an exclusive interview with him. What I hadn’t expected was a private invitation, and a chance to get a real, up-close look of Cade Everett.

    I mean, a closer look of that body? Those rock-hard muscles and that wicked smile that leaves me shivering just thinking about?

    I can’t let the lines between work and play become blurred.

    But with Cade staring at me like this, like he owns me, I’m getting dangerously close to crossing that line.

    And once I cross that line, there’s no turning back.

    So why the hell am I leaning in closer to him? Why the hell are my hands tugging at his pants?

    And why the hell aren’t I stopping myself?


    I’ve got a club to run, people to manage, scores to settle. The last thing I needed in my life was to answer some questions by some annoying reporter looking for a story where there isn’t one.

    But then I got a good look at Dawn.

    I got a good look at her ample curves, her sexy eyes, and those seductive lips that make me hard just thinking about.

    She wants an in depth?

    She’s going to get that.

    And more.

    Standalone book. No cliffhangers.

    * This sexy steamy bad boy romance is perfect for fans of Joanna Blake, Devon Hartford, Sabrina Paige, Winter Renshaw, Vanessa Waltz and Dani Wyatt *
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