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    Anna Magnani – Remembered With Filmography & Illustrations

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    Anna Magnani – Remembered With Filmography & Illustrations

    By Isabella DeCarlo

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    This book, an homage to Anna Magnani has been formatted especially for the Kindle. It is a tribute to Anna by the people who knew and loved her, including Pasolini, De Sica, Visconti, Renoir, Rossellini and many, many more. Presented here are unique insights, anecdotes and memories of her life in film, in America, in Rome. There are many special stories and remembrances that will have you laughing, crying and some will just make you smile inside.These anecdotes will take you back to the golden age of Italian Cinema and give you a unique perspective on the Neo Realism era. Included are 33 photographs of Anna, a brief biography and a complete filmography which includes cast, credits and synopsis.
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